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Invest in Moldova
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The Project is developed with technological support of Deep Knowledge Group

Moldova offers a strategic location bridging East and West, providing diverse investment infrastructure, advanced ICT capabilities, and operational efficiency with a skilled workforce. The country boasts global connectivity through fast shipping and cultural proximity. Moldova's tax environment is favorable, featuring low corporate taxes and unique incentives. Its extensive network of 44 free trade agreements, including with the EU and CIS, positions it as an attractive international trade partner. Additionally, Moldova excels in e-government services, streamlining processes for efficient business operations.

Invest in Moldova's Dynamic Landscape

Moldova offers a diverse range of investment opportunities through platforms like Moldova IT Park, a globally recognized virtual structure with over 500 residents. The seven Free Economic Zones (FEZ) and 34 subzones provide preferential customs and tax benefits, including a 0% CIT for a specified period and ongoing support. Additionally, eight Industrial Parks support various industrial activities, offering incentives such as re-zoning, affordable land prices, and minimal state control. The Industrial Multifunctional Platforms, covering 300 hectares, act as robust industrial hubs, providing designated land, strong infrastructure, and essential utilities for seamless operations. Moldova's investment landscape is characterized by innovation, global recognition, and strategic incentives.

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Moldova Innovation and Tech Projects

Infographic Summary

Moldova Industries Summary

Moldova Leaders (Beta Version)

Moldova Tech Ecosystem

Tech and Innovation Leaders of Moldova

Explore our databases featuring influential figures shaping Moldova's technology and innovation landscape, and representing Moldova on the international arena. Delve into the profiles of national leaders driving advanced solutions and visionaries charting the course for Moldova's future in science, technologies, innovations, culture, education, creativity, social economics and philanthropy.

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Tech and Innovation Ecosystem 
of Moldova

Tech and Innovation Ecosystem of Moldova is a pioneering initiative by Deep Knowledge Group that is set to redefine the narrative of Moldova's key industries and sectors, presenting the country's unique strengths on a global stage. Featuring 2,050 innovative companies, 405 investors, and 40 hubs, this platform is a testament to Moldova's prowess.

IT and Digital Ecosystem of Moldova

Engage in the dynamic IT and Digital Ecosystem of Moldova project, a collaborative effort with influential entities like the ICT Association of Moldova, Teckwill, and prominent tech hubs. This initiative is dedicated to amplifying and spotlighting the strides made in information technology across the country. By partnering with these key organizations and hubs, the project seeks to catalyze innovation, foster collaboration, and propel growth within Moldova's thriving tech sector. Join us on this transformative journey, where technology meets innovation for a brighter future in Moldova.

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Science Ecosystem of Moldova

Embark on the Science Ecosystem of Moldova initiative, a visionary project dedicated to mapping and showcasing the vibrant scientific landscape of the country. This endeavor encompasses the creation of a GeoMap and Platform, offering a visual panorama of all scientific organizations in Moldova. The initiative goes beyond by establishing a Hall of Fame, celebrating the brilliance of renowned scientists who have left their indelible mark.  

Life Sciences and HealthTech Ecosystem of Moldova

The Life Sciences and HealthTech Ecosystem of Moldova platform serves as a central hub for resources, information, and interaction, offering a comprehensive guide to the burgeoning life sciences ecosystem in Moldova. Engage with the wealth of information available, contribute to the industry's growth, and help shape the future of science, technology, healthcare, and wellness in Moldova.

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Philanthropy, Impact Investment and Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem of Moldova

The Philanthropy, Impact Investment, and Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem of Moldova project is set to revolutionize the philanthropic landscape, delving into impact investment initiatives and the dynamic intersection of technology and philanthropy within the country. The platform provides a unique insight of Moldova's philantropy landscape, including profiles, mindmaps, and databases for 160 non-profit companies, over 200 impact investors, and 180 donors. 

DeepTech and AI Ecosystem of Moldova

Explore the latest developments within the AI and DeepTech landscape in Moldova through our comprehensive platform. Delve into a thorough examination of the key players, investors, and technology hubs that are molding the Moldova AI and DeepTech sphere. This platform offers insights into advancements and investment prospects in this evolving market.

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